Rakusho-kai Exhibition

■Rakusho-kai Exhibition 楽書会書展
Rakusho-kai is a group of independent practitioners who follow the master Kyuyo Ishikawa and learn calligraphy in the three different locations:Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo. Our principle is to follow the theory and teachings of the master through ‘Rinsho’ 臨書 (re-creation based on masterpieces and classics) and ‘Sousaku’ 創作 (creative calligraphy). Every year in our annual exhibition we present the results of our practice. It is our pleasure to give people an opportunity to experience the experiments of the members of Rakusho-kai .

■Our theme this year ‘Vector: energy and direction – calligraphy is vivid ’

>Works of Sousaku創作(creative calligraphy)
>Works of Rinsho臨書 (from the three books written by Master Kyuyo Ishikawa, Histories of Chinese, Japanese and modern calligraphies.)
>Themed works of creative subject ‘to stand’
Special Exhibition
Works by Master Kyuyo Ishikawa ‘ Senpen Banka (kaleidoscopic scenery)’
Admission Free

■The 12th Exhibition in Tokyo
7 -10 Nov.2013 (Thur-Sun)
Thur 14:00-18:30
Fri, Sat 11:00~18:30
Sun 11:00~16:00
Tokyo Geijyutsu Gekijyo (Tokyo Arts Theatre) 5F Gallery 1
9 Nov.2013 (Sat)
15:00~ Talks in the gallery by the exhibitors
18:30~20:00 Lecture by Master Kyuyo Ishikawa ‘What is Vector? : energy and direction in calligraphy’ on 5F, Symphony space. Admission: Free (max. 80 people, first come, first served)
To participate, please come to the exhibition reception.
10 Nov. 2013 (Sun) Brief commentary in public by Master Kyuyo Ishikawa

■The 31st Exhibition in Kyoto
4-8 Dec.2013(Wed-Sun)
9:00-17:00(except Sun 9:00~15:00)
Kyotoshi Bijyutsukan Bekkan (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Annex)
7 Dec. (Sat)
13:00~ Talks in the gallery by the exhibitors
14:30~Commentary on ‘selection of 100 masterpieces in China and Japan’ by Master Kyuyo Ishikawa
8 Dec. (Sun)
13:00~ Brief review in public by Master Kyuyo Ishikawa


「第五回展を寿ぐ」 石川九楊

中央通り 私の書塾に学ぶ中核メンバーが五回目のグループ展を開く。
今回は足場のよい東京駅八重洲口近での開催となる。 出品者は七人。見所は書的情緒ではなく、のっぴきならない言葉を書き記した書巻の気。
そして昨年からの研鑽の跡。それが一堂に会し奏でられる書の交響。 本展を機にメンバーの一層の成長を期すとともに、多くの人に見ていただきたいと切に願う。



〒103-0027 東京都中央区日本橋三丁目二番6号 岩上ビル1階